Wildlife of Manyara


This small park has nothing to envy to the great Park of Tanzania. Lake Manyara occupies two-thirds of its area. The word « Manyara » comes from Emanyara (Euphorbia tirucalie), a local plant thus named by Maasai them who uses it to make their fences and their huts.  The Lake is of there two or 3 million years after the formation of the Great Rift Valley. The resulting overflow of streams from above the walls of the Valley would cause the accumulation of water in the Bowl below. This description already gives the idea of the stunning views of this beautiful region!


A Lake Manyara safari begins by crossing a forest of giant trees (mahogany, croton, fig tree-Sycamore, Palm trees of different species), populated wild butterflies but also various monkeys including baboons and blue monkeys playing at the roadside. We also meet elephants preferring to use paths instead of sinking into the undergrowth.

Monkey Manyara

As in Tarangire, lions love to climb on the branches of acacias in this reserve.

More pressed southward, over the terrian becomes dry and the forest gives way to the Bush: the buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, giraffes etc…

Manyara giraffe Zebra

Arrived at the Lake, shallow and alkaline, the ornithological spectacle is offered to you: the batteleurs Eagles, and Osprey hovering majestically in the air, pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, herons, sacred ibis, crowned cranes, the marabouts, herons and dozens of other species…


Hippos, too, have made this rich place, one of their favorite places.


At the South end of the Park, 2 groups of sources of water hot (up to 60 ° c), the Moto Maji, rich in chemical components, color the Earth of all shades from the palette.

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