Arusha National Park


This small national park (137 km2) near the city of Arusha (1 hour’s drive), has very beautiful and different landscapes. The second highest mountain in Tanzania, Mount Meru (4566 m) dominates other marvels such as the magnificent forest of altitude, craters, clearings and the Momela Lakes. From there, you can see both the top of Mount Meru, but also of the Kilimanjaro.

Cross first a large cleared area called « little Serengeti », and meet Giraffes, Warthogs, Buffals and zebras before to sink into a forest, where raising the head, you can see colonies of black and white colobus. Arrived at the Ngurdoto crater, from several points, you can observe herds of Buffalos, Giraffes and warthogs.

Ngurdoto crater arusha

In the region of Momela lakes, you find the baths of the hippopotamus under the eyes not only of the Waterbucks but also of herons and a lot of other bird species.

Lake Momela Arusha

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