Safari hiking Arusha


Located just an hour's drive from the town of Arusha (45 kms to the East). It houses not only the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Meru (4565 m) but also the beautiful Ngurdoto crater and the Momela Lakes. Also frequently seen the Summit of Kilimanjaro from this reserve to Arusha.

What to do?

Combining a day:

  • A safari in the discovery of fauna, avifauna and the particular fauna of the region
  • A safari walk to waterfalls, on the slopes of Mount Meru, accompanied by a guide – ranger

Price: from 175 US$ per person (based on a group of 4 adults)

When to go? The Arusha reserve is accessible all year round.

Where to stay? The Ambureni Coffee Lodge is very well located on the road between the town of Arusha and the reserve of Mount Meru.

This visit can arrange on a day or be integrated into a comprehensive program of Safari Tanzania



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