The Park bears the name of the river that passes through. It rises in the Highlands of Kondoa South and flows northward along the entire length of the Park. During the dry season (June to October), it dries not, this is when the animals gather in large groups for a drink there. In June, the Elks and the oryx arrive and are followed by the wildebeests, zebras and elephants. Out of the top of a hill a panorama on the herds of elephants in the river definitely worth a visit.

Tarangire is part of a vast area of migration extending to the North, in the reserve of Amboseli from Kenya.

The landscape consists of low hills, decorated by many giant Baobab and Acacia forests particularly differentiates Tarangire Ngorongoro and the Serengeti reserve. Many marshes and rivers also composed landscapes and it offers a wide variety of vegetation and Habitat. Streams and rivers are lined with gigantic trees including fig Sycamores, the tamarind and the kigelias.

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